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A Journey Beyond the Project


Research and innovation, the basics of a life project.


For two generations, our family has been finding solutions for bathroom furniture. An entrepreneurial path aimed at an increasingly international market that has interpreted the strong change in lifestyles and personal habits of the last decades. With the Noorth project, presented in 2016 at the Salone del Bagno in Milan, we set ourselves the goal of expressing a modern vision based on research and innovation and inspired by the values of originality and consistency.

Being aware that quality is a goal that concerns each single phase of the process, from design to production, from communication to pre- and post-sales services, we constantly work on all fronts to overcome usual standards. We talk to professionals of different languages and sensitivity to offer a complete and differentiated proposal, in compliance with an overall harmony. Since the bathroom is a particular environment, with specific technical needs and at the same time desires linked to individual sensitivity, it is important to suggest different interpretations, modulated on a common and coherent idea. A goal, which makes the bathroom an ideal dimension for design and which, for us, translates into the constant search for a balance between technology and craftsmanship, memory and innovation, industrial logics and customisation.

A vision based on technology and craftsmanship.


The collection includes modular systems integrated with a range of washbasins and accessories among the most complete in the industry, proposals based on rigour and maximum simplicity supported by iconic pieces that stand out by being remarkably expressive. Today, Noorth is a definite reality, the concrete result of a precise vision, a new project that stimulates us and fills us with enthusiasm.

In The Making


The Noorth production reality: a mosaic of different and complementary materials and processes. A modern production process, in which each phase, from the selection of the raw material and components to the various stages of development, assembly and packaging, is based on the search for maximum efficiency and quality. A constant commitment, inspired by the most rigorous principles of sustainability.


We chose the name Noorth because it evokes a freshness and simplicity that, in their various forms, are understood and shared by different cultures. In our interpretation, the Italian roots and the strong connection with tradition that are our trademark are considered fundamental qualities, worthy of being highlighted with sensitivity and various means of expression. It’s a vision that we want to translate in a timeless and thus truly contemporary collection of bathroom fixtures, a whole created with precise design tools combined with strongly evocative stylistic solutions. A concrete, well-defined proposal in constant evolution, based on rigorous technical choices of the Noorth research centre, stimulated by a constant dialogue with the creativity of the best designers.


From the definition of architecture to expressive characterisation: the Noorth research centre works with the precise goal of reaching concrete proposals, for real bathrooms, able to offer always functional and stylistically coherent solutions to various design needs. From modular container systems, like Puro and Sintesi, Zenit and One, all the way to iconic solutions, like Touch; from highly evocative designs, like Roma and Azuma, to more technical suggestions, like Fjord: the Noorth collection is a big integrated system that offers an extraordinary range of accessories, the result of meticulous attention to every technical and formal aspect.


A bathroom is a particular environment, in which technical requirements related to the presence of water, vapour and body care substances must be combined with a universal desire for simplicity. This awareness has led us to perform specific research in the choice of materials: we opted for both natural types, like stone, wood and glass, and for more technical forms, such as resins and aluminium. Selected with care based on their specific properties, the materials used by Noorth are combined harmoniously towards a precise goal: to provide stylistically diverse solutions that are driven by a common vision, based on quality of aesthetics and a timeless image. The range is combined with veneers, be they opaque or transparent, obtained with the use of the most technologically advanced varnishes.

The synthesis between style and project.


A custom approach to the bathroom project for a timeless collection, a journey through versatile solutions based on maximum functionality. A collection characterised by the exclusivity of the materials, by the balance of the volumes and by in-depth chromatic research; an exclusive proposal, with sophisticated details, where the work quality, the rich offer of solutions, and the ability to interpret the needs of different contexts allow a reinterpretation of the bathroom tradition through a new language: a perfect synthesis of style and design.


Between memory and modernity, technology and craftsmanship and between versatile compositions and formal research, the Noorth proposal is developed into 8 collections where simple lines are enhanced by the unique textures of marble and veneers, the new and exclusive palette of lacquers, the absolute transparency of the crystals and the shine of metals. A careful study of materials, colour combinations and raw materials, allows the realisation of complete and defined projects, offering unique and exclusive products.