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Noorth Collection, update 2022


design Giuseppe Bavuso

Every aspect of the collection is innovative, from the compositional logic to the materials, from the overall image to the smallest detail”. Giuseppe Bavuso

A high-performance modular system based on an aluminum structure and a set of exclusive equipment and accessories: drawer cabinets in wood or lacquer, open units, washbasin tops, mirrors and equipped shelves. Originally planned in a wall-hung version, the collection is completed by a recent freestanding solution, provided in different heights and configurations.


design Altherr Désile Park

“Saba, a collection of washbasins inspired by the search for simplicity combined with the warm touch of natural materials.” Jeannette Altherr  

Saba is a column washbasin with a timeless feel, quite a statement in its radical simplicity. Its minimalist archetype shape allows the use of different finishes and materials, becoming a strong yet contained counterpart to the architecture, fitting in both indoor and outdoor settings. A collection with a modern and expressive appeal, all played around materials. Clay and polished concrete offer a sensorial feel, the stone gives a timeless solemnity to the structure while the neutrality of the lacquered Cristalplant allows the free combination with any decorative surface. The extreme versatility of the proposal is accentuated when combined with the Caba storage system.


design Altherr Désile Park

“A design that fuses into architecture: Caba, a series of containers conceived for small spaces.” Jeannette Altherr

Smooth, versatile, functional: the Caba storage system solves the typical containment needs of the bathroom environment. The minimal size of the elements and the variety of finishes resemble the classicism of the wall paneling, the functionality of the equipped compartment between the base and wall units, and the possibility of maximum customization make it a proposal that easily adapts to any project.


design Altherr Désile Park

“Azuco is only simple in appearance; its personality is found in the material’s value and the delicate design of the surfaces.” Jeannette Altherr

An aesthetic based on the sophisticated combination of the washbasin tops and containers’ single-material volumes, obtained through a perfect 45° union of the elements, and the delicate geometric texture of the surfaces, inspired by textile and natural patterns. The collection includes a variety of tops, including those made of a single material, those with a built-in stone washbasin, and those with a white or painted vanity unit.


design Michele Marcon

“Constantly evolving, Sintesi’s primary quality is the variety of solutions it offers, with extreme adaptability.” Michele Marcon

A system made extraordinarily flexible by the dimensional variety of the elements and by an increasingly wide range of materials and finishes, including the new slatted door, provided in Noce Canaletto or matt lacquered. Several solutions are provided for the containers, available with handle, groove or push-pull opening system, and for the combination with all the integrated and sit-on basins of the system.


Design Michele Marcon

“Puro is intended for interiors with a distinct style and a strong personality.” Michele Marcon

An essential and refined design made of precious surfaces and perfect geometries, emphasized by the 45° of tops and units and the absence of the handle, replaced by a groove. The integrated LED light emphasizes the geometry of the volumes and enhances the unique features of exclusive marbles, stones and woods. The collection is enriched by the inclusion of the nuvolato burnished brass, open units with integrated light and cabinets with framed glass doors.

Salone Internazionale del Bagno
June 07-12, 2022
Hall 22 – Stand B18
Rho Fiera, Milan